Java Blawan Estate Coffee


Sweet, clean and complex, with notes of cinnamon, chocolate, sweet tobacco, grape and tangerine. Nice body, balanced, great aftertaste.

Weight: 16oz

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Java Estate coffee has wonderful sweetness which is both clean and complex. It has chocolate and nutty notes with great aftertaste and low acidity.

Blessed by good soil and abundant rainfall, Indonesia is the world’s third leading producer and exporter of coffee. Approximately ninety percent of Indonesia’s total production is Robusta, with Arabica making up the remaining ten percent.

The Indonesian coffee industry planners recognize a rising worldwide demand for Arabica and are taking steps to replace Robusta cultivation with Arabica wherever possible. Indonesian coffee is known everywhere for its high quality, fine taste, and distinct aroma.

The beginning of the coffee industry in Indonesia can be traced back to the arrival of Arabica coffee on the shore of Java in 1699. Although the native farmers of Java were the first to cultivate Arabica, it soon spread throughout many provinces of Indonesia. By 1712, years of harvesting provided the first bag of Indonesian coffee to be exported to Amsterdam. Over the years, as exports have grown, so has the reputation of Java coffee.

Location: Ijen Plateau, East Java Island
Altitude: 900-1500 meters
Varietal: Typica
Process: Washed
Drying: Sun-dried


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