Every morning since 1983, Orleans Coffee has roasted and delivered exceptional specialty coffees that coffee lovers have enjoyed at coffeehouses, cafes, restaurants or at our espresso bar at 3445 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70115.

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For thirty years, Orleans Coffee has consistently delivered exceptional roasted coffees every bit as interesting as the city that first inspired our name


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Orleans Coffee has been a contributing member of the specialty coffee industry for 40 years which gives us a unique perspective on the industry. As specialty coffee has evolved, so have we. We’ve changed the coffees we source, our roasting style, and the methodologies used to prepare them. We’ve gone from an endless list of offerings to a more focused, curated selection of high-quality coffees. Many things may have changed over the years but the loyalty of our customers hasn’t. So in addition to new unique micro-lots, we still offer some of the same coffees we offered back in 1983.

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We Roast Every Day

We wake up thinking about coffee. With every roast, we combine the same level of artistry and science to our smaller more unique offerings as we do for our larger volume espresso blends. From Anchorage and Key West to the French Quarter and Biloxi, we have enjoyed every morning since 1983.

We Are Sensibly Sourced

Our sourcing team works with a handful of established importers and coffee producers around the world to procure some of the best coffees on the market. We take pride in the relationships that we have developed over the years to help ensure you find that #perfectcup

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