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Chicory is the roasted and ground root of the cultivated plant species…

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Chicory has a slightly peppery, well-spiced aroma and can be brewed by itself or blended with your favorite roasted coffee. Chicory is more soluble in water than coffee so you can use less when brewing and still yield servings that look and taste quite strong. Chicory does not contain caffeine.

Chicory is the roasted and ground root of the cultivated plant species, Chicorium Intybus, subspecies Sativum. It was used as a coffee filler in Europe and eventually found its way to New Orleans. Since then it has become a local favorite.

10 reviews for Pure French Chicory

  1. charlysense

    What a fabulous treat! — and thank you Orleans Coffee company for making it so easy to try your Chicory with that fantastic offer of 1 oz for $1 + $1 shipping. I have a Ninja coffee maker with a cup setting. I used 1 tsp with the 12oz water to brew a cup, and it was absolutely divine. Smooth, rich and so satisfying. I had my first cup of many today, and will place a proper order once I finish this review! So perfect in the afternoon as it’s caffeine free, and so much tastier (and healthier I’m sure) than decaf. With Autumn unfolding and the holiday season coming up, enjoying a fresh brewed cup of chicory will surely be one of my favorite things to enjoy when relaxing on those upcoming chilly afternoons ; )

  2. Philip Weiss

    Perfect for smoothing out a pot of coffee. I found out about this at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.

  3. colynward (verified owner)

    Your chicory is wonderful. We brew it up in the mornings in a French press and mix it in with our coffee (which we cold brew). Not only has it cut back our caffeine but it is tasty, too. It also has a positive impact on our digestion — a pleasant surprise. I sometimes drink brewed chicory in the afternoon iced with cream and sweetener, which is really tasty. Thank you so much for your excellent product and fast service.

  4. Ed Henke

    I’ve bought your products for several years. There has never been a problem. I mix the French Chicory with ground coffee when brewing. One part chicory to three parts ground makes a special pot of coffee for me.

  5. Larry De Coste (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying Chicory from Orleans for years. Every morning, one scoop of chicory, 3 scoops of ground coffee in a drip coffee maker with 25 oz. of water. Then heat up 6 oz. of Fair Trade cocoa chocolate milk = a New Orleans Mocha!

  6. Edward Weise


  7. Geoff

    About seven years ago I discovered a better way to brew coffee. Starting with whole beans and grinding them for each brew, I find that method to make a better cup of coffee than the ground up stuff you offered in bags or cans from the grocery store. I also like some chicory in my blend.
    Shopping online for roasted ground chicory was a bit of a challenge. I settled on Orleans Coffee’s product because it is of great quality, reasonably priced, and the shipping is reasonable too. Some competitors charge about the same for the chicory, but four times the shipping.

  8. Mary Smith (verified owner)

    Your top quality chicory makes a fine cup of blended coffee, or an excellent caffeine-free afternoon beverage. It is far superior to chicory I can buy locally. Thank you for being such a good supplier!

  9. Philip Weiss (verified owner)

    The best I’ve ever had, and I’m over 80 years old.

  10. Kathleen Clement

    Love it

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