Colombia Pink Bourbon, Finca Buenos Aires 12 oz


This lovely coffee is from Colombia, Huila, Sevilla, San Agustin…

Weight: 12oz


We’re proud to offer you our latest Lantern Collection coffee. We love our coffees from
Colombia with all of it’s diverse selection of varieties (and range of flavors). This is the
first Pink Bourbon variety we’ve ever offered.

Upon cupping the coffee, we felt it had a fragrance of sugar cane, peach and cherry
notes. Flavor characteristics of graham cracker, dark chocolate and apple and a mildly
tart lime/hibiscus aftertaste.

The coffee is grown by Luis Felix Caicedo Giraldo. Finca Buenos is located in the
municipality of San Agustin in the department of Huila and has 1.5 hectares planted with
Pink Bourbon and 1 hectare planted with Colombia variety.

Farmer: Luis Felix Caicedo
Region:  Colombia, Huila, Sevilla, San Agustin
Farm:  San Agustin, Huila
Altitude:  1700 m
Varieties: Pink Bourbon
Process:  Washed
Drying:  Sun-dried


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