Marigny Blend

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Our Marigny Blend roasted coffee is a dark roast blend of coffees from Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras. Hearty and delicious with some velvety chocolate notes.

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5 reviews for Marigny Blend

  1. Anne Valentine (verified owner)

    This is an awesome blend. It is a dark coffee without that “burnt” taste you get with some dark roasts. It is definitely my new favorite and go to!!

  2. Steven Baird (verified owner)

    Ms Valentine knows her good coffees! There’s no hint of that burnt taste you get from grocery store coffee here. My wife and I recently switched to the Marigny blend for its improved depth over our previous favorite here.

  3. Mary Lou Serafine (verified owner)

    Very unusual. Feels and tastes like ultra-dark, but without the shock value. Delicious at any time of day. Wonderful for waking up.

  4. Lori Fields (verified owner)

    We have been ordering Marigny for years. Best discovery we ever found in New Orleans!! Our absolute favorite coffee ever!! Plus Customer Service is INCREDIBLE!!!

  5. Richard Hanowski (verified owner)

    5 stars

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