Decaf Creole Coffee & Chicory Blend

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Weight: 16oz


Our coffee & chicory represents the style of roasting and blending coffees from over a century ago in New Orleans. Coffee & chicory is a true New Orleans tradition. This outstanding coffee reveals one of the finest specialty coffee & chicory pairings. It has superb aroma and tastes like an elegant, dark and spicy chocolate bar.

The aroma is pure cocoa. The body is dense and textured. The flavor is lingering and resonant. Decaffeinated.

2 reviews for Decaf Creole Coffee & Chicory Blend

  1. Lisa Flores

    My husband likes to try different chicory root coffee’s he is no drinking coffee anymore !! I’d like to get fresh ground chicory root. Coffees for him for Christmas and French press & chicory root grinder .. and I’d like to learn more on this chicory root .. thank you for any information you can provide me with..

  2. Lisa Flores

    I’m trying to learn all I can about this cowboy chicory root coffee he is really taking a liking to

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