Teaze Tea Infuser


The Teaze Infuser is a revolutionary way of making hot or cold tea through the combination of properly steeping premium loose leaf tea with fresh hot water. Simply add your tea to the Teaze infuser along with hot water, let it steep, place the infuser on your cup to release the tea. Complete instructions included along with proper steeping times for all variety of teas.

How do I use the Teaze infuser?

The Teaze Infuser is a new and easy method of steeping loose leaf tea by the cup. Place your dry loose leaf tea or herbal tisane leaf tea into the steeping chamber, add hot water and watch tea leave tumble and develop to your desired color and intensity. The infuser has a shut-off valve that controls the flow of liquid from the Teaze into the cup through a filtration screen which strains large particles. With the placement of the brewer on your tea cup, the weight of the unit will open the valve and allow the infused tea to flow into your cup. Once lifted, the plate falls and the shut-off valve closes.

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