Melipone® Mexican Vanilla


This pure Mexican vanilla extract from Ronald Reginald is one of our favorites for cooking down here in NOLA. Give this a try in any recipe and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Put a little in your iced coffee concentrate for a nice, smooth taste.

Melipone® Mexican Vanilla is an authentic Mexican formulation over 75 years old that is made in New Orleans by Chef Reginald. It is named after the Mexican Melipona bee which pollinates the vanilla orchid. In Mexico, as in other warm climates, consumers demand more vanilla flavor intensity. This concentrated vanilla is 3-4 times stronger than ordinary vanilla and has a full-bodied, rich and creamy taste. Its unique formulation has a distinctive and delicious flavor and aroma which is retained at high baking temperatures as well as at the sub-zero temperatures of ice creams. It is especially delicious when added to coffee, milk, and other beverages.

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