Komodo Dragon Death Spit Blend

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You can be the first to ever taste this rare and unique coffee…

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After many years of traveling the world and visiting coffee farms in Indonesia, Bob Arceneaux, our green coffee buyer, set out to find the world’s best and most unique coffee. He had almost given up on the search as if he were only searching for a fool’s gold. Bob visited the islands of Java, Sumatra, Flores, and Tosari in his quest. Finally, on the island of Kota, he met a reclusive band of brothers who, as rumor has it, produced coffee so exquisite and rare that it had never been tasted outside of the small village of Putinmeonmor. The farm grows guava, corn, snozzberries and avocados as well as coffee.

Their village for hundreds of years has been surrounded and fiercely guarded by a pack of trained Komodo Dragons. One does not dare be touched by the poisonous, bacteria-laden spit of the giant reptiles. On his trip there last April, the brothers led Bob to their prized pico-lot of coffee that no one outside of the village had ever tasted. It was difficult to even reach the village as it is surrounded by a moat of Komodo Dragon death spit. Bob was the first Westerner to ever reach the village and escape unscathed.

The brothers, named Orang Gila, Orang Bodoh, and Orang Gobrok, collect the coffee and ferment it in hollowed-out papaya trees for 20 years before ever being able to touch it, let alone roast and drink it. With the pico-lot of coffee securely stowed away in his backpack, Bob swiftly left the village able to avoid the reptiles chasing him on his way across the death spit-filled moat. For reasons known only to Bob (and he won’t speak of it, so don’t ask), he escaped with his life and his precious cargo.

You can be the first to ever taste this rare and unique coffee. Available for a limited time only.
Altitude: 9144 m
Farmer: Orang Gila, Orang Bodoh, Orang Gobrok
Varietal: Buaya darat
Process: spit-processed; flame-dried


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