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This coffee grows in the rich volcanic soils surrounding Mount Kenya

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This Kenya coffee grows in the rich volcanic soils surrounding Mount Kenya. The farmers belong to a cooperative in the area. The cherries are harvested in November and December and they are delivered to the wet mill the same day they’re picked. The cherries are sorted according to ripeness. It is then pulped and washed with fresh river water. The beans are dried in the sun on raised beds before going on to the dry mill for further processing.

We enjoy the citrusy qualities of this coffee. It has sweet orange notes and a lush, full body.

Origin: Kenya coffee
Region: Mt. Kenya
Altitude: 1800-1900 meters
Varietal: SL 28, SL 34 and Ruiru-11
Process: fully washed
Drying: sun-dried

1 review for Kenya AA

  1. carloselsabio

    Although I have been drinking coffee for over 70 years, I still get some real surprises. After learning to enjoy African coffees, starting with the Tanzania Peaberry, I tried other African coffees offered by this roaster. There is a nice variety. This Kenya AA Savana is excellent. I have previously rejected Kenyan coffees from other roasters. So, a surprise. I use whole beans, a burr grinder and a French press. The result is a rich, smooth cup with enough acidity to make it interesting. I am currently alternating this bean with the Peruvian coffee for contrast and variety. I can highly recommend this Kenya AA, a real reward for waking up to a new day.

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