Coffee Shop Consultation

Whether you’re building out a completely new space or taking over an existing business, the experts at Orleans Coffee have the combined experience of over 50 years in this business.

We can help you build a business plan that will help you succeed. You’ll know what to expect and why before you ever open your doors. A solid, realistic business plan is the first step toward a successful venture.

We can help you determine the proper layout for all your equipment. Proper placement of equipment creates efficient work flow. Proper workflow behind the counter leads to more efficient production of menu items for your customers, thereby shortening wait times and increasing productivity. All these aspects combined result in higher customer satisfaction at peak times of the day.

Let us assist you with setting up a menu and pricing it effectively to maintain profit while maximizing customer experience. From sharing recipes with you to helping you develop a signature beverage, Orleans Coffee will help give your shop a competitive edge by customizing your offerings and keeping everything fresh.

Our team of seasoned baristas will train your coffee shop staff in customer service, proper techniques and brewing methods to pull the proper shot of espresso and craft the perfect pourover.