Candied Caramel Apple Flavored Coffee Decaf


Decaf Creamy Caramel Apple will instantly satisfy your sweet…

Weight: 16oz

Fall is approaching and along with the hopes of cooler weather, comes all of the wonderful flavors of fall. One of the first tastes of the season is caramel apples! Whether bobbing for apples or creating these treats with family or friends this flavored coffee is sure to be a hit!

This Decaffeinated Flavored Coffee has notes of Creamy Caramel infused with a sweet tart honeycrisp apple will instantly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our blend of this Caramel Apple flavored  decaffeinated coffee is profoundly creamy and pleasantly sweet and is reminiscent of the delicious candied apples we all grew up to know and love. This is a flavored coffee that will tantalize your senses and rouse your passion for exceptional flavored coffee.

Parish Coffee uses the finest and highest quality of coffee beans available. We pride ourselves in consistently providing our customers with coffee flavors that are diverse in flavor and taste second to none.

Caramel Apple is also available as a regular flavored coffee.



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