Brazil Sitio Boa Esperanca


A sweet and floral Brazilian coffee with flavor notes of molasses, clove and cocoa…

Weight: 16oz


Brazil Sitio Boa Esperança is located in Serra da Mantiqueira in the municipality of Conceição das Pedras and has high altitudes of approximately 1,260 meters. In 1973, Mr José Borges dos Reis, patriarch of the family, started production with approximately 2,000 coffee trees. Today it is in the third generation, has more than 50,000, and management is carried out by Mr. José Mauricio de Souza.

Cupping Notes: Sweet, floral fragrance. Flavor notes of molasses, clove and cocoa. Our medium light roast brings out the liveliness and briskness of this coffee. Long-lasting resonant finish.

Country of Origin: Brazil
Farm Name: Sitio Boa Esperança
Producer Name: Jose Mauricio de Souza

City: Conceição das Pedras
Producing Region: Mantiqueira de Minas
Harvest Months: July to September
Average temperature: 23.5 °
Processing: Natural

This coffee is a limited time offering.


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